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Packing List

Daily laundry service is available, unless otherwise noted for your specific safari.

  • 3 each Shirts.
    • Olive green preferably or "darkish" and quiet. Long and short sleeve shirts for "layering". Remember, if it is summer in the US, it is winter in Africa.
  • 3 pairs Pants.
    • Olive green preferably or "darkish" and quiet. Long pants or pants that zip off into shorts.
  • 3 pairs Casual but warm clothing for evenings.
    • Sweat suits are perfect.
  • 1 each Hat/Cap.
    • Full brim if your complexion is fair � you will be out on the hunting vehicle ALL day in some cases.
  • 1 set Thermal underwear.
    • Light weight, for June, July, August � South Africa and Namibia only.
  • 1 pair Ankle high boots.
    • or higher if you prefer but MAKE SURE they are well broken in and bring extra laces.
  • 1 pair Light "slip on" shoes.
    • for evenings around the campfire � crocs are good.
  • 1 pair House shoes.
    • to get up in the middle of the night.
  • 4 pairs Socks
  • 1 each Medium weight sweater.
    • You might opt for one with Windstopper or Gortex lining.
  • 2 each Jackets.
    • 1 medium and one slightly heavier (for May, June, July, August). Also, one that is waterproof or a rain poncho.
  • 4 each Underwear.
  • 1 each Day pack/small duffle.
    • This will be to hold your personal items on the truck every day. Backpacks with MULTIPLE pockets are the best.
  • 1 each Sunscreen
  • 1 each Sunglasses/eyeglasses.
    • Lens cleaning kit and repair kit with extra screws in the event you lose one. We suggest you bring an extra pair of prescription eyeglasses and/or contact lenses if applicable.
  • 1 pair Lightweight gloves.
    • Lightweight leather or lightly lined. Your hands may get cold in the hunting car or sitting in a blind.
  • 1 lot Personal items
    • Medical prescriptions, antihistamines, Tylenol or ibuprofen, anti-diarrheal, lip balm with sunscreen, foot powder, antacids, etc.
  • 1 each Flashlight, personal grooming items and razor (220 volts if elec.)
  • 1 each Belt and ammunition pouch.
    • Leatherman or knife if desired, as well.
  • 1 each Binoculars.
    • Good optics are essential to a successful hunt!
  • 1 each Still camera and/or video camera.
    • make sure to take extra batteries or battery charger as well as extra SD/memory cards
  • 1 each Battery chargers (12V and 220V).
  • 1 lot Ammunition.
    • Note: you are permitted 11 pounds of ammo in your suitcase. Do NOT pack in your gun case with firearms.
  • 1 set Firearms.
    • Note: up to 3 calibers are permitted, no automatic or semi-automatic. These should be registered before you leave your country of origin.

AND... After your safari, before you head to the airport for your return trip... if you intend to use the "day pack" as your carry - on for your flight that you used for personal items on the truck... MAKE SURE it does not have any unused "lost" ammo in it. DUMP THAT PACK OUT AND START OVER.

  • Trophy
    It is important that each hunter is proud of his trophy, therefore LB Hunting Safaris will make sure that the best quality of trophies are made.

  • Professional
    With 20 years of experience, 13 years as a member of the SA Hunters and Game Conservation Organization and a registered Professional Hunter (PH), Loy De Jager is your personal professional hunter who will always be at your side. All clients have been satisfied with their hunts and no incidents have been experienced.

  • Preparation
    Preparation of and the presentation of safety briefings are presented before each expedition. All clients will be informed on a continuous basis to ensure that they are well prepared for their hunting experience.

  • Processing
    Meat processing is just another way to show that LB Hunting Safaris will go the extra mile to satisfy their clients. Meat can be processed to meet any requirement.

  • Location
    All the hunting farms are guaranteed to meet the client’s expectations. LB Hunting Safaris personnel will endeavor to satisfy every clients needs.