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Dear client, please make sure you have completed and submitted a client information sheet.

Travel Tips

Your South African airport destination, with the exception of the Eastern Cape hunts (Port Elizabeth), will be Oliver Tambo International � Johannesburg. All South African Airports are easily accessible with flights from various airlines serving such as SAA, BA, KLM, DELTA, SWISS, and IBERIA. South American clients might find it easier to travel through Brazil into South Africa.

Application Documents

  • Copy of passport photograph/details page.
  • Copy of proof of ownership of firearm. US Customs Form 4457 for US hunters or Firearm Licence/Permit for hunters of other nationalities. Both documents must include the firearms you intend bringing into Cameroon.

Hunting South Africa

This is the most popular hunting destination for first time hunters to South Africa, offering a wide range of plains game species. Almost all hunting in South Africa takes place on fenced private land.

Hunting Season

All year round. 
Recommended: April - October.
Only male animals during September to March.

South African Weather

  • The best time to hunt is from April to October, when the day temperatures are around 21 degrees celsius during the day.
  • January and February are the hottest months.
  • Trophy
    It is important that each hunter is proud of his trophy, therefore LB Hunting Safaris will make sure that the best quality of trophies are made.

  • Professional
    With 20 years of experience, 13 years as a member of the SA Hunters and Game Conservation Organization and a registered Professional Hunter (PH), Loy De Jager is your personal professional hunter who will always be at your side. All clients have been satisfied with their hunts and no incidents have been experienced.

  • Preparation
    Preparation of and the presentation of safety briefings are presented before each expedition. All clients will be informed on a continuous basis to ensure that they are well prepared for their hunting experience.

  • Processing
    Meat processing is just another way to show that LB Hunting Safaris will go the extra mile to satisfy their clients. Meat can be processed to meet any requirement.

  • Location
    All the hunting farms are guaranteed to meet the client’s expectations. LB Hunting Safaris personnel will endeavor to satisfy every clients needs.